Introducing EndoTherm.

Save 15% on your heating costs.

EndoTherm is a low cost, high impact energy saving additive that can be introduced into any wet heating system – commercial or domestic, reducing the energy consumption by up to 15%, thus reducing bills and greenhouse emissions.

Save energy. Save money. Reduce emissions.

Proven in laboratories to use less gas and energy.

Heat exchangers stay hotter for longer, costing less.

Systems heat up quicker and more efficiently.

100% Organic and Environmentally Friendly.

With low installation costs, no system downtime, no capital outlay and effectiveness for 7-10 years, the return on investment with EndoTherm is less than one year.

Installed in more than 100,000 buildings throughout the UK.

EndoTherm now has more than 200 commercial case studies proving its savings.

Variance between systems mean efficiencies range from 10% to as high as 30%, while on average EndoTherm will save commercial sites 15% on energy and fuel costs.


Trials at their Engineering Compound confirmed a reduction in carbon emissions and fuel saving of 20.1%.

How it works.


The inclusion of EndoTherm reduces the impact of steam bubbles, which in turn restrict heat transfer in nucleated boiling sites. This allows the water to heat up quicker and more efficiently.


The improvement in thermal contact area effectively increases the size of the emitter, improving heat transfer efficiency and reduces the boiler operation time for each cycle.


Testing on EndoTherm-dosed systems shows they cool down over a longer time period, increasing the time between cycles and reducing the number of cycles over a given period.


The increase in heat loss from the system emitters reduces the temperature of the bulk water as it returns back to the boiler, allows them to condensate more and recover more heat.

EndoTherm is the first technology of its kind to be recognised by the Energy Saving Trust as a heating additive.

Laboratory tested.

EndoTherm has been performance tested by leading, independent authorities including Enertek International, University of the West of Scotland, Uclan and by the Energy Saving Trust themselves. They all agree — EndoTherm significantly reduces both fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Recognising the people, products and projects that demonstrate engineering excellence in the built environment.


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